We all have to start somewhere…

This shall be part of my “somewhere.”

My name is Amanda, I’m 26 years old (turning 27 in May), I’m mama to two wonderful daughters (ages 7 years & 10 months, turning 1 in April) & I’m engaged to be married on May 31, 2014. I work full-time as a brand merchandising team member for a retail store, dabble in graphic design in my “free time” and have taken up photography as a hobby over the years.

Art runs in my family and for the longest time I thought it skipped over me. My dad is a musician, my mom can sew, craft, draw… you name it, she pretty much does it. She was a graphic design major and has been drawing all her life. I can’t even draw a stick figure or carry a tune. I remember teaching myself Photoshop when my Mom went back to college because it was on our computer & she was always using it. I started out making 100×100 user icons for a website called DeadJournal and it went on from there. Christmas of 2004 I was gifted a cheap, little point-and-shoot digital camera. It may have only been 8 megapixel or something equally ridiculous, but I fell in love with it and took pictures of whatever I could think of. NONE of it was any good but I enjoyed it all the same.

I upgraded cheap point-and-shoots a few times over the years… still nothing worth talking about. After some time my mom decided she wanted to start her own photography business and started acquiring all the gear and setting up a little studio in the house. My first daughter had been born by that point so she was my mom’s favorite subject for the longest time. I loved the pictures she was taking and attributed it to her “fancy DSLR.” I wanted to take better pictures than I had been so when I had some extra money in the spring of 2008, I went out and bought myself a Nikon D40. I thought I had such a great camera just because it was a DSLR. I had so much to learn! Heck… I still do!

I took pictures of whatever I could, whoever I could. Most of them were pretty terrible because I knew nothing about my camera itself. I did a lot of concert photography with that camera and I personally feel like I managed to get some decent shots in that area but I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t agree and that’s okay. I wasn’t (and still am not) a photographer, I just liked taking the pictures and liked it even better if they turned out well.


I wound up selling that camera in the spring of 2009 because I needed the money. A year or so later, my grandpa sent me a cheap point-and-shoot that was pretty poor quality but it did the trick. A few years later, in the fall of 2010, I bought myself a Nikon Coolpix S3000 and let me tell you… that baby got a lot of use. Out of all my point-and-shoot cameras, that was my favorite. It holds a bit of importance to me mostly because I used it to document most of my second daughter’s first year of life and some of my absolute favorite pictures were captured with it.


(Let me just say that I made another collage of some of my favorite images taken with this camera & apparently I forgot to save it. I don’t feel like remaking it so this will have to do.)

Finally just this month I upgraded to a Canon Rebel T3i and am itching to break her in.


I want to treat her with more respect than I did my Nikon D40. I want to understand how she works and do the camera & my subjects some justice. I got this camera mostly for documenting my own life and my children but the more I think about it, I really want to help document the lives of others. I want to step into the wonderful world of newborn photography – both in the hospital & at home/in “studio”. I would love to take pictures in the hospital after the baby is born. Nothing’s staged, no props, all natural. Some of the best moments of a parent’s & child’s life is those first couple of days where they’re both so new to each other yet know each other so well. Where they’re just basking in all the emotions they could possibly be feeling. Where there’s such a brand new life … just existing. I would love that so much.

I don’t know if it’s something I’ll actually get into but it’s something I know I’d enjoy. And I’d love the opportunity to do so & to learn all I can about that… so if you have input or advice, I AM ALL EARS 🙂